One of our top priorities at Pointy is to come up with effective ways to help brick & mortar stores compete with online giants like Amazon.

Every day, we ask ourselves two questions:

  1. What are the biggest advantages that online retailers have over brick-and-mortar stores?
  2. Which of these advantages can we give to brick-and-mortar stores in order to help level the playing field?

With this in mind, we’ve been working on something pretty exciting for the past few months that we think will revolutionise how stores acquire more customers.

But before we go into the details, here’s a little bit of context:

Organic Local Google Searches 

One place where the online giants consistently win is in their rankings on Google and other search engines. Despite having a distinct proximity advantage over giants like Amazon, independent retailers rarely show up in local Google searches. We set up Pointy to combat this issue.

We optimise every one our Pointy Pages to rank highly in organic local Google searches. This ensures that people who are searching for your products nearby can find them, driving them directly to your store from these searches.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.32.27.png

People finding products on Pointy since Jan 1, 2015

Taking It One Step Further

Although we’ve built a number of tools to ensure that our Pointy retailers come up at the top of local Google search results, there’s still huge competition from online giants. The reality is that Amazon and other large online retailers consistently win customers from brick-and-mortar stores due to their ability to run targeted, customised advertisements on Google aimed at people searching for products they stock

Effective advertising on Google means that they can spend money targeting consumers just at the moment they want to purchase a product. This is why Amazon is the largest purchaser of Google ads and why Google makes over $80 billion every year from selling ads

Most brick-and-mortar retailers that have tried to advertise on Google usually fail due to how difficult and time-consuming this is to get the details right.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on this problem and now we’re here with a solution to help!

Introducing ProductAds – helping your store advertise like Amazon

ProductAds enable your store to automatically create incredibly effective ads on Google for each of your products. 

We then target these ads at people who are searching online for these products, driving them to visit your store.

The best part? All you have to do is set the targeting and budget and we do the rest. It’s that simple.

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How It Works

We create a customised ad for every product you have in stock.

These ads are customised based on what the user is searching for with your product name, store name, location name, phone number, related products and more:

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.08.52.png

We then target this ad only at people who are searching for that product within a specified distance from your store, driving them to visit your store instead of purchasing online.

Levelling The Online Ad Playing Field

By running ProductAds, we help you leverage your store’s proximity advantage over online retailers and attract relevant people nearby, targeting them exactly when they’re searching online for a product you stock.

Once they see these ads, they’ll be directed to call or get directions to your store so you can convert them into paying return customers as soon as possible.

bookstore_showcase (1)
Try Out ProductAds

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 13.52.32.png

You can launch product ads for your store by signinginto the private section of your Pointy Page and clicking the “View ProductAds” button.

You’ll be asked to set a daily budget and choose the area in which you want to target people. If no customers click on your ads, it costs nothing! You only pay if a customer actually visits your Pointy Page. You always have complete control of the budget. If you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing at any point, you can switch off the ads.

Almost 100 stores across the world are now using ProductAds. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re confident that you’ll see a positive return from these ads.


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