After more than 20 years in law enforcement, Brad & Sally Romero decided to follow their passion and open Ben’s Barketplace, a unique health food store for cats & dogs. After working as a K9 officer for almost 15 years, Brad developed a deep understanding of what a dog truly requires for health and longevity – “My first K9 “Ben”, was the 1999 State Champion for narcotics. We knew what he was eating was not a good food and this is where our initial research started. When I deployed with my new K9 “Nikita” we had a good handle on what these high drive animals required for ultimate health. We knew we had to share our knowledge and expertise with all dog owners.”


Since its opening in 2005, Ben’s Barketplace has grown from strength to strength and developed an extremely loyal customer base. Co-owner Brad attributes much of their success to the excellent customer service they provide “We like to say that all of our bags and boxes “have legs.” We walk every larger purchase to the car for every customer. Our customers are greeted as soon as they walk in the door.”

Competing With The Online Giants

Brad says that one of Ben’s greatest competitive advantages over online giants is their unique product range “We are the largest provider of RAW dog and cat food in California. With over 38 food selections we are certain we can offer every dog and cat a nutritionally sound recommendation for life extension.”

Despite his extensive product selection and competitive pricing, Brad felt that the store’s lack of online presence meant they were often losing out on sales to e-commerce giants. He wanted to find quick and easy way to display his products online and get more customers into his store.

He came across Pointy on Facebook and decided to give it a try “We received the Pointy box in the mail & plugged it into our POS. As soon as we started scanning products, they began appearing automatically on our Pointy Page. The whole setup took about 5 minutes and the results have been great so far”.

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The Value Of Being On Pointy

“It’s working really well for us so far,” Brad says. “We’ve had several calls from customers who have found products that we stock through our Pointy Page. By using Pointy we’re leveraging our online presence in a way that gets more customers into our physical store.”

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Brad decided to optimize his online presence even further by using Pointy’s ProductAds tool.This feature allows him to run highly targeted Google ads for all of his products in just two clicks “ProductAds allows me to target customers who are searching for products I stock near my store. Any retailers who aren’t using this service – you should be!” 

You can visit the Ben’s Barketplace Pointy Page HERE.

Are You A Retailer?

If you are a retailer and would like to do the same as Ben’s Barketplace then use the button below to fill in your details and we will be in touch.

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