Using Stock Estimation To Drive In-Store Sales

Your opening hours are up to date, a link to your website, your store address and phone number are listed. What else can you, as a retailer do to drive footfall into your store? What else are shoppers demanding?

With huge growth in smartphone usage, more and more customers are beginning their product search journey online before going in-store. Beyond the basic information noted above, research by Accenture found that almost 50% of shoppers want to check stock availability before visiting the store. Google found that 25% of shoppers say they’ll steer clear of a nearby store to avoid the risk of items not being available.  

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Your store is more convenient, has the in-store experience not to mention advice from knowledgeable staff. However, taking the research above into account you can go further with your online presence to maximise your appeal to consumers.   

So how can you satisfy the consumer’s desire for specific product information? Easily publishing your stock management or ERP data, while it may be the most accurate, is not an easy task and mostly likely costly. For the case of very large scale retailers this may be a potential direction, but often this is not practical for small-medium sized retailers.

Pointy automatically builds an estimated stock level for your store. Simply connect a small piece of hardware in-line with your barcode scanner and Pointy builds a virtual store front as you scan items. We automatically find an image and description to match the products and place these on your Pointy Page. Crucially we display your products online in a way that is optimised for local search. You rank in search results for products you stock!    

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Over time our stock estimation algorithm builds up a picture of your stock, enabling people who access your product listing to see an estimate of if you have stock. If the item has not been seen in some time, it suggests the potential customer calls you.    


Interested in learning more about Pointy? Apply now to find out if your store is eligible for the service:

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