Standard 5 & 10 first opened in 1939 as a five & dime store known for its huge variety of products. Today it’s a thriving mom & pop shop based in the heart of San Francisco’s Laurel Village. The story behind the store’s 78 years of success reads from a page of American history; young immigrant begins his career at the bottom of the hierarchy, and works his way to the top of the company, with his son following in his proud father’s footsteps.

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Current owners Jeff & Michelle Leopold have made many updates to the store over the years but one thing that’s never changed is their dedication to providing first class customer service “many of the products that you see in our store can easily be found elsewhere. However, there are very few stores where you’ll find the same level of customer service that we provide. It’s our number one priority”.

Attracting New Customers With Unique Products

‘Mom’ of the mom & pop Michelle has proudly upheld Standard 5 & 10’s reputation as a variety store and destination for new and unique products “Over the last 78 years we’ve always tried to delight customers by carrying a constantly changing variety of items. Decades ago one vendor approached my father-in-law asking him to stock a brand new product that was going to make bottles of ink obsolete – the ballpoint pen! We were one of the very first ballpoint pen retailers in San Francisco and we’ve carried on the tradition of spotting cult products ahead of the curve ever since”.

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Michelle’s number one marketing goal has always been to attract new customers to the store. She knew that creating an online presence for the store would be a great way to let people see all of the unique and unusual products that Standard 5 & 10 has to offer “most people who live in the neighborhood already know about our store and the products that we sell. For me the hardest task is reaching new customers. Pointy has helped massively with this – now when someone does a simple Google search for a product that we stock, they can get directed to our store”.

Competing With The Online Giants

The growth of big box retailers and e-commerce giants has made it increasingly difficult for mom & pop stores to compete, as customers are now used to buying products online at the click of a button. Michelle says Pointy is levelling the playing field by helping stores like Standard 5 & 10 to display their products online “we have over 250,000 products in our store so manually uploading each one to our website would have been an impossible task. Pointy provided a really simple way to get our products online with minimal effort on our part. We simply plugged in the device, continued scanning as normal and products appeared automatically on our Pointy Page.”

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The Value Of Being On Pointy

As head of marketing, Michelle says Pointy has been an incredible tool for her when trying to identify popular product trends. She recently started using Pointy’s ProductAds tool which enables her to run highly targeted local ads for all of her products in just two clicks “ProductAds is fascinating as it allows you to see what is being searched for locally. During the summer months we saw a massive increase in the number people searching for Ghirardelli & Tcho Chocolate and being directed to our store. Without Pointy, these customers most likely never would have found us. ”  Untitled design (11)

Given the easy setup and affordable price Michelle says she would recommend Pointy to retailers without hesitation “Working with Pointy has been an illuminating experience for us. Give it a try and hopefully you’ll see instant results like we did”.

You can visit Standard 5 & 10’s Pointy Page HERE.

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