4 Tips To Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers To Your Brick & Mortar Store

Busy schedules and everyday distractions mean that last minute holiday shopping is becoming the norm for most people. As the cut-off for online shipping passes, shoppers will be turning to their local stores to find the perfect last minute gifts for friends and family.

Here’s some tips on how you can capitalize on this trend and get more customers into your brick & mortar store this holiday season: 

1. Extend Your Opening Hours 

Despite many retailers’ efforts to attract people to their store early in the month, today’s busy customers are leaving much of their shopping to the very last minute. In fact, a study by Google found that mobile searches for ‘store hours’ in 2016 peaked on Christmas day.

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Opening on Christmas day or having extended opening hours throughout the holiday period can help to attract more last minute shoppers to your store. Be sure to let customers know about your special holiday times by posting them on your social media pages and updating all of your local listings.

2. Convenience Is Key 

Gift packs are often a huge hit with last minute shoppers as they’re quick & convenient. Pre-bundle products for different types of recipients (e.g. gifts for dad, gifts for teacher) so customers can simply grab what they need and run out the door. Gift packs are also a prime opportunity for you to clear some slow-moving products out of your store and make room for next season’s inventory.

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For ultimate convenience you could also offer to gift wrap presents, leaving last minute shoppers with one less task to complete.

3. Promote The Products You Sell Online

Last year Google found that searches for ‘where to buy’ peaked on Christmas Eve. With people turning to stores at the last minute, it’s important that you highlight your local products for the best chance at drawing shoppers to your door.

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Stores across the US like The Kite Loft & Talbot’s Toyland are using Pointy to get their products online and drive more customers to their store. The Pointy device plugs into a store’s barcode scanner and automatically brings all their products online. This gets them found by customers who are searching for products they stock.

4. Have A Seamless Checkout Experience 

With a long list of gifts to buy and limited time, last minute holiday shoppers won’t want to wait in long lines to make their purchases. Having extra staff on hand to answer customer queries and process sales will help to create a quick and seamless in-store experience for busy shoppers.

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You can also place handy stocking stuffers near the checkout for customers to grab as they’re paying.

Want to attract last minute holiday shoppers to your store?

Pointy can help your store stand out by automatically getting all your products online. It’s an affordable and easy way to attract more last minute holiday shoppers.

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