The historic town of Eureka, California has seen significant changes over the years. Once a prominent commercial fishing town, today this lively seaport is known for its variety of cultural opportunities and outdoor recreation.

Located in the heart of this art-fueled town is Mantova’s Two Street Music, a 10,000 sq ft full line pro combo store owned by brothers Anthony, Matt & Nick. First opened in 1976, the store has had three different owners over the last 40 years, the most recent being the Mantova brothers who bought it in 2009.


Co-owner Anthony Mantova describes Two Street Music as a meat and potatoes store “we stock everything from acoustic pianos to electric guitar amps. We keep a very close eye on product trends in order to ensure that musicians know we have what they are looking for.”

The Mantova brothers have diversified the store many times over the years in order to meet the needs of their customers but their focus on customer service has always remained the same “Customer service is not just say hello and smiling. It’s about finding ways to bring people in and then using different points of contact in-store to get them to buy. Our equipment trade-in programme has proven to be a hugely effective way of getting people into the store and driving sales.”

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Converting Online Searches Into In-Store Sales

At Mantova’s Two Street Music, Anthony says they embrace both online and offline commerce “With so many online tools and resources like Pointy & Reverb available to brick & mortar retailers, there is a lot to be gained by those who are open to viewing the online world as a potential marketplace rather than the competition.”

Anthony adds that the store’s e-commerce website has become a huge part of their business as it provides them with a really convenient way to sell to customers in other parts of the country. However, what it lacks is the ability to reach customers in their local area. That’s where Pointy comes in “before Pointy there was no way for my store to capture all of the online-to-offline business that was happening in my area. Locals would come in and see products on my wall and then go home and buy them online. Pointy gives me the ability to show up in their lives before they even come to the store.”

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The Value Of Being On Pointy

For Anthony the best thing about Pointy so far has been the increased sales it has generated for Two Street Music and the ease of use “Pointy required virtually no work on my end – I plugged in the device, continued scanning as normal and my products were automatically online and ranking highly in local searches. I’ve made my money back 5 times over in just one year”.  

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Anthony believes that regardless of your ad strategy, Pointy provides retailers with the ability to reach customers that they otherwise wouldn’t have “It’s such a small initial investment that the ROI is practically guaranteed with this service and because they offer a 90 money back guarantee there’s virtually no risk. Given the significant impact it’s had on our in-store sales, I would recommend Pointy to other retailers without hesitation.”

Are You A Retailer?

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