Pointy solves a very basic problem, by helping you to reach customers who are searching for products you sell on Google.

As soon as you install Pointy on your Clover, Square or Lightspeed POS we automatically create a Pointy Page featuring your store’s products, complete with images and names.

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These pages are optimized for search engines, so that when people nearby search for products you stock, they can now see that it’s available in your store, not just an e-commerce site.

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The best part? Pointy is completely free for Clover, Square & Lightspeed users.

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See What’s In Store – Your Products On The Google Search Page

We’ve just launched a powerful new feature in partnership with Google, which helps local shoppers discover your store.

This new feature is called “See What’s In Store”. It’s a free service that enables you to display your full product catalogue and live inventory information right on the Google search page!


We’ve been working with Google on this for a long time, and Pointy is one of the only companies currently offering this service. Getting set up takes minutes and the service is completely free to use! Read more about See What’s In Store here.

What Other Retailers Say About Pointy

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve received from retailers since starting Pointy. It’s great to know that the work we’re doing is helping to make their job that little bit easier.

Jay Pinder who owns Inlet Liquors in Florida has been use Pointy for over a year now. Here’s what he had to say about the service:

“One click on our Clover Station and Pointy did all the work. Our Pointy page was populated automatically, no further input from our end. Pointy sourced all name, images, and descriptions. In a competitive retail market, Pointy is the online solution that drives customers through the door.” 

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Are You A Retailer?

For Clover, Lightspeed and Square users installing Pointy takes minutes. To get started simply click the buttons below.

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