Owning your own store can be a demanding and hectic job. You have so many things to juggle on a daily basis from paying bills and scheduling staff, to dealing with customers and ordering new stock. Between all of these different tasks it can be difficult to find the time to focus on marketing your business via social media.

We’ve put together a list of some our favourite social media tools that will save you time and help you to create great social media content:


This is a great tool for scheduling Instagram posts in advance. You can simply upload your images to the desktop or mobile version of the service and pre-write your captions. Later also allows you to save your hashtags so that you can reuse them in other posts. 

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If you’re low on content, you can use their search & repost tool to feature other Instagram user’s content on your profile.  


This easy to use graphic design product allows you to create everything from beautiful invitations to eye-catching social media posts. Canva is free to use and gives you access to thousands of images, fonts, layouts and designs.

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You can also upload your own images to the site and add different designs to them. When you’re done creating your perfect graphic, you can download it for free or share it via email and social media.


Many retailers see a very high level of engagement when they publish funny, motivational and inspirational quotes on their social media pages. Recite is a free tool that allows you to create eye-catching visuals for your quotes using their templates.


You can include your own quote or you can find thousands of famous quotes on their site all of which are divided into different categories such as dreams, success & humor. 


Quite often one of the most time consuming parts of posting on social media is finding good images for your posts. Let’s say you’re writing a post to promote a new product you have in store. Finding a good product image can be half the work.

Pointy makes that part really easy. Just go to any product on your Pointy page, and at the bottom of the page you’ll see some social media share buttons.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.09.57

Click the share button, and voilà! Pointy will automatically create a draft post with a nice image of the product.

Interested in learning more about Pointy? Apply now to find out if your store is eligible for the service:

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