With the letters to Santa pouring in by the sackful, it’s time for your toy store to get organised for the festive season ahead. In order to compete with retail giants like Walmart, Toys”R”Us and Amazon,  it’s important for independent toy stores to give their customers that little bit of extra magic this Holiday season. Here’s some tips to help you compete and increase sales:

1. Embrace The Christmas Spirit

For many children (and adults!), there is nothing quite like the excited feeling that Christmas lights, decorations and music bring. Creating a festive and eye catching window display is a really simple yet effective way to draw people into your store and make their shopping experience an enjoyable one.

You could entice shoppers even more by creating your very own North Pole offering visits to see Santa, Christmas elves and a sneak peak at Santa’s workshop.

2. Get Found On Google

In order to compete with the likes of Amazon and Toys “R” Us  it’s important for independent toy stores to ensure that they get found on Google, particularly for searches in your neighborhood. Pointy ensures your store shows up in relevant searches and drives customers to your store by creating listings of all your available stock online.

They also ensure that vital details such as your opening hours, contact info and shop location are available to everyone searching for products that you stock. That way if a customer want’s to get in touch with you or visit your store, it requires no effort.

3. Host A Christmas Family Fun Day

Organising a family event is a great way to show appreciation to your existing customers, attract new ones and show off your product range. A day like this doesn’t need to cost a fortune – offering some snacks, drinks and a chance for kids to try out all of your latest toys should go down a treat.

Giving redeemable discount flyers to parents as they leave will incentivise them to visit the store again in the coming weeks.

4. Display Your Products Online

Amazon and Toys “R” Us display all their products online which helps parents track down the shopping lists. However, in the past, it’s been difficult for smaller toy stores to do the same.

That’s now changed. With almost no effort, Pointy automatically upload all of the products that you stock online. That way it’s very easy for customers to find the toy they’re looking for and be directed to your store.

As time is of the essence for parents at Christmas, they will often resort to the internet to do a quick product search. Pointy makes it easy for gift-givers to find what’s in stock and push them to visit.

5. Go The Extra Mile

Customers really appreciate the extra touches that independent retailers provide, especially during the busy holiday season. Something as simple as wrapping toys free of charge leaves parents with one less headache to worry about.

Another service you could offer would be to assemble toys and deliver them on Christmas eve for a small fee.

Pointy is a little box that you plug into your cash-register that automatically builds an online store of all your products. Click here to learn more about how your store can use Pointy to drive more customers and get found online.

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