When John Butler first opened Bookworm Bookshop in 1993, it was just a tiny premises on the outskirts of town. Over the last 20 years the store has grown from strength to strength, moving to a much larger location and establishing itself as one of the country’s leading independent bookstores.

The independent bookstore landscape has changed significantly since Bookworm Bookshop first opened. With retail giants like Amazon taking over the market, John realised that he needed to move with the times and create an online presence for his bookshop in order to compete.

“Over the years our efforts to provide great customer service really paid off in terms of word of mouth advertising. However, as time went on I knew that in order to increase sales significantly, we needed customers to be able to find our products online.”


Competing With Online Booksellers


As a small independent retailer with limited time and resources, John wanted to find a quick and cost effective way to get his unique range of books online. Pointy had the solution. “We connected the Pointy box to our existing scanner and in a matter of minutes Bookworm Bookshop was online. Now every time we sell a book our Pointy box picks it up automatically and adds it to our online profile.”

The Value of Being On Pointy

For John, the best thing about Pointy is its ability to help his store rank higher in Google search results “Before Pointy, customers could find products we stocked through our website or by visiting the store but we were rarely showing up in search results. Pointy ties everything together so that now when customers do a simple Google search for a product that we stock, our store appears high up in the results and they can be directed from there to our own website. We’ve found this particularly effective for items of local interest that not every bookstore might sell.”


John says that his loyal customer base has contributed largely to Bookworm Bookshop’s success “We pride ourselves on good customer service. New bookstore chains are popping up all over the place but we still see the same people coming in and out of our store all the time.We hold weekly events and have added a coffee shop which has become a popular meeting spot among locals. Now thanks to Pointy, we’re seeing new faces in the store each day. It’s these little extras that make us stand out from the chains.”

John says Pointy has been a huge asset to him in building an online profile for his business with ease and little cost “Pointy makes it easy for independent retailers to build an online presence. Unlike setting up a full e-commerce site there is no work involved on my side so I can focus solely on the day-to-day business – it’s a win-win”.

Pointy is a little box that you plug into your cash-register that automatically builds an online store of all your products. Click here to learn more about how your store can use Pointy to drive more customers and get found online.

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