My name is Charles Bibby (co-founder of Pointy) and I am going to explain how we are using the Internet Of Things (IOT) to drive store visits for local retailers.  For me this all started back in back in June 2014 when my friend Mark Cummins (co-founder of Pointy) gave me a call (we got PHDs in Robotics and Computer Vision together at Oxford University).

Mark described: (i) a problem that resonated with me; (ii) a very cool solution and (iii) a great vision for a company.

1. The Problem – It takes seconds to find something online, but I don’t know what’s in a store round the corner! 

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 16.24.01

(left) It can be hard finding products in local stores; (right) Finding products online is really easy

The problem really resonated with me and got me thinking about e-commerce vs brick & mortar retail.  Personally I am someone who is often impatient and would like to be able to just go and get the thing I want, but would often find myself hunting around local stores asking people “Where can I buy X?” and sometimes just having to give up.

2. A Very Cool Solution – An IOT device that plugs into barcode scanners and uses (UPCs) to list local products online. 


This is where I come in.  With experience in electronics, software and distributed systems I set about building what we refer to as “The Pointy Box”.  We have produced many thousands of these devices and have them deployed in stores all over the US, Ireland and the UK.  With many more being installed everyday!

3. A Great Vision – To make it as easy to find things in local stores as it is online!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 15.47.05

With Pointy it is really simple for consumers to find things in local stores when searching online!

The great news is that we are realizing the vision.  Three years down the line thousands of people everyday are finding things in local stores after searching online because of Pointy!

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 18.04.14

Over 5000 retailers using Pointy

Are You A Retailer?

If you are retailer and would like to get involved use the button below to fill in your details and we will be in touch.



Myself (left) and Mark (right)

  • Marc spitaleri
    8:37 PM, July 2017

    I am a US manufacturer of water sports apparel and would be interested in knowing how I can support my local retailers with your system. We use Facebook to drive traffic to our site and to some local retailers I would like to do more to support them.

  • Dick McCartney
    5:55 AM, July 2017

    It isn’t “but”, it is the quote, “where can I get buy X”


    • cbibbypointy
      11:30 AM, July 2017

      Thanks. I have fixed the typo.

  • Leon Henderson
    3:42 AM, August 2017

    Please get Target, Best Buy & grocery stores involved!

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