An art major from University of Florida, Callie Williams led the secular homeschool group in her town of Gainesville, Florida for 13 years, “I homeschooled my son and when he started college I began to look for something else I could do.” Her son is now about to graduate with an economics degree from her own alma mater, and meanwhile Callie has found a new way of bringing people together. She felt that her town needed a friendly game store, and so Gamesville Tabletop opened its doors in November 2014. However it is much more than just your average game store. It is described as “a destination game store and gaming play space.”

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Bringing The Community Together

Family Game Day, Friday Night Magic and Homeschool Gaming are just a few of the fantastic events held at Gamesville Tabletop everyday. The emphasis is very much on creating a sense of community and inclusivity within its walls. Gamesville Tabletop was created out of her love of social fun with others and desire to share it with as many people as she could “our goal has always been to build a community where everyone can find something that promises a fun experience. If you play something that’s not on the calendar and you want to game in the store let us know.”


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Driving Customers To The Store

Callie describes how the in-store experience is a crucial part of Gamesville Tabletop “we try real hard to provide world class service. We offer in store play and a game library so we have a lot of repeat customers.” Pointy has played a significant role in highlighting her unique product range “Gamesville Tabletop has a growing library of games for the customers to check out and play. Thanks to Pointy, people are finding these games and visiting our store.”

The Value Of Pointy

Before installing Pointy, Gamesville Tabletop acquired most of their new customers through social media and foot traffic. Now thanks to Pointy they’re also being found in local Google searches “our increased online presence has definitely helped the store to grow. I’m 100% sure we get a lot more phone calls as a result of Pointy”.

The price and ease of use were huge factors that influenced Callie’s decision to install Pointy “the setup process was ridiculously easy. I simply plugged in the device and continued scanning my products as normal. My page is constantly updated and optimised for local searches with no effort on my part.”

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Advertising Like Amazon

Always on the lookout for ways to improve her business, Callie was one of the earliest of adopters of Pointy’s ProductAds feature. This allows her to run highly targeted Google Ads for all of her products in just two clicks “ProductAds is the best thing since sliced bread. It took minutes to set up and now our products are showing up in thousands of Google search results. I have complete control over the budget and targeting distance which is really important to me. Thanks to ProductAds we’re getting sales that we otherwise wouldn’t have got.”

You can visit Gamesville Tabletop’s Pointy Page HERE.

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