The Pointy App

The Pointy app is here!

Pointy makes it easy to find things in local shops. From coconut water to chisels, Pointy knows where to find it.

If you’ve ever spent days chasing back and forth across town trying to find something, Pointy is the app for you. Just search on Pointy and we’ll show you all the local shops were the product you need is in stock.

You can download the app today and give it a try.

1 - App Overview

Find What You’re Looking For

Pointy makes local shopping a lot more convenient. It always seemed strange to us that you can find things online in half a second, but might spend hours trying to find something in your local area. So we made Pointy! Just search in the app and we’ll show you nearby shops that have what you need, complete with opening hours, directions and stock info.

2 - App Detail

Try it!

Give it a try yourself – download on iPhone and Android.

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