1. What do I need to do to get my products online?

    Just plug in a Pointy box. When you scan your products with your barcode scanner as normal, the Pointy box will automatically upload the products onto your Pointy page.

  2. What is a Pointy box?

    The Pointy box is a small electronic device that connects between a barcode scanner and point-of-sale terminal. When you scan a product, the Pointy box records the barcode number of the product. From the barcode number we can determine the correct name, description and image for that product. The Pointy box is connected to the internet, so you just need to scan a product and it will automatically appear on your shop’s Pointy page. The Pointy box is designed and manufactured in Ireland.

  3. What is a Pointy page?

    Once you sign up to Pointy your shop will get its own individual Pointy page that will display your shop’s product range. Your Pointy page is unique to your shop and contains all the information shoppers need to find you, e.g. address, directions, opening hours and a description and photo of your shop.

  4. Do I need an internet connection in my shop to use Pointy?

    No. The Pointy box has its own internal connection to the internet via the mobile phone network. All you need to do is plug it in and it will take care of itself.

  5. Will all scanned products automatically go up on my Pointy page?

    Yes. Pointy works by capturing information associated with the barcode. Therefore if the products you stock have a manufactured issued barcode on them Pointy should automatically upload those products onto your Pointy page. The codes must be the standard EAN-type code which you will ordinarily find on most products.

  6. How long will it take for scanned products to appear on my Pointy page?

    We gather all the product information for you and that requires some work at our end. If the item you scan is in our product database, it will appear immediately. If it's not in our database, it may take some time before it is automatically uploaded to your Pointy page. Most retailers find that a portion of their products will appear immediately, and the remainder of their products appear gradually over time as we source the product data.

  7. Does Pointy work on all kinds of products?

    Currently we offer the service for all product categories except clothing and fashion. If there is a manufacturer issued barcode on the product, it should work with Pointy. We do a lot of work to find product information and are constantly improving our coverage, however in some cases we may be unable to find a name and image for a given barcode. So if you scanned a product and it never appears on your Pointy page the most likely explanation is that we could not find any reliable information for that product.

  8. The products I sell do not have barcodes, can I upload product data directly onto Pointy?

    No, not at the moment. Pointy works by gathering information for barcodes and updating Pointy pages every time that product is scanned.

  9. I produce my own barcodes from my point of sale equipment, will Pointy recognize them?

    No. In order for Pointy to work, you need to scan the original manufacturer-issued product barcode.

  10. I already have a website and pay for online advertising, so what will Pointy do for me?

    Many retailers with their own websites also use Pointy. We have optimized the Pointy site and product pages to help them appear in search results. You’re more than welcome to include a link on your Pointy page to your existing website.

  1. How do I get a Pointy box?

    You can reserve a Pointy box here.

  2. How long does the installation take?

    It can take less than 5 minutes to install a Pointy box. The installation process is as simple as plugging a DVD player into your TV. Once installed, the Pointy box starts to work immediately. There is no need to install further programs, we do not need to integrate with your existing systems – it is truly a “plug and play” device.

  3. Can I install the Pointy box myself?

    If you’re based in the Dublin area we can call out and do an install for you at no charge. However, we have had very high demand for the service so it may take us a couple of weeks to arrange an install. If you think you’d be comfortable to (1) disconnect your barcode scanner from your POS, (2) connect your Pointy box to your barcode scanner and (3) reconnect the barcode scanner to your POS, then we can arrange to post your Pointy box to you for a self-service install.

  4. Do I need to download software to make Pointy work with my existing POS equipment?

    No, none at all! The Pointy box is a ”plug and play” device, no software download is needed. It works immediately after it is connected between the barcode scanner and POS.

  5. Does the Pointy box download information from my POS?

    No. Pointy does not interact with POS itself, only with the barcode scanner. The Pointy box will pick up the barcode numbers every time a product is scanned, but it does not interact with the cash register itself in any way.

  6. What kind of POS equipment does the Pointy box work with?

    Pointy works with almost any kind of POS equipment. It doesn’t matter if your POS equipment is very old (or very new), the vast majority of equipment will work fine with Pointy. All you need is a barcode scanner.

  7. What if I don’t have a barcode scanner?

    You will need a barcode scanner to use Pointy. If you don’t already have a scanner, perhaps Pointy might make it worth the upgrade. We don’t supply scanners, however they are widely available and not expensive. If you’re buying a scanner in order to use Pointy, make sure that it will connect to your existing POS equipment!

  8. I use a wireless barcode scanner, will Pointy work for my shop?

    Yes, but only if the wireless scanner connects to the POS by way of a base station or paired USB plug (which we can connect a Pointy box into). If the scanner is completely wireless currently there is no way to connect a Pointy box to this type of scanner. If you're not sure, please contact us and we can quickly figure it out.

  1. My POS supports apps. Can I install Pointy directly on my POS?

    Yes, provided your system is supported. Pointy currently supports direct integration with Square, Clover, Lightspeed, and Vend. If you use one of these POS systems, you can link Pointy directly to your POS account, without the need for a Pointy box. If you use these systems, linking your account is the quickest and best way to use Pointy.

  2. Is Pointy available for Square?

    Yes! Pointy integrates directly with your Square POS. You can link Pointy to your Square account by visiting the Square App Marketplace and installing the Pointy app. The app serves the same function as a Pointy box - so you do not need a Pointy box if you use Square! Learn more on our Square page.

  3. Is Pointy available for Clover?

    Yes! Pointy integrates directly with your Clover POS. You can link Pointy to your Clover account by visiting the Clover App Market and installing the Pointy app. The app serves the same function as a Pointy box - so you do not need a Pointy box if you use Clover! Learn more on our Clover page.

  4. Is Pointy available for Lightspeed?

    Yes! Pointy integrates directly with your Lightspeed POS. You can link Pointy to your Lightspeed account by visiting the Lightspeed Retail Integrations and installing the Pointy app. The app serves the same function as a Pointy box - so you do not need a Pointy box if you use Lightspeed! Learn more on our Lightspeed page.

  5. Is Pointy available for Vend?

    Yes! Pointy integrates directly with your Vend POS. You can link Pointy to your Vend account by installing the Pointy Add-On. The Add-On serves the same function as a Pointy box - so you do not need a Pointy box if you use Vend! Learn more on our Vend page.

  1. Can I change the details on my Pointy page?

    Yes, you can log in to your Pointy page and edit your shop details at any time. During the sign-up process you will be asked to create a username and password which you can use to access your Pointy page.

  2. What if I don’t want to display a particular product on my Pointy page?

    Just log in to your Pointy page and mark the product as not for display. Beside every item you will find a button that lets you remove it with one click.

  3. What do I do if I notice a mistake with a product name, description or picture?

    Just log in into your Pointy page and beside every product you will find a button that lets you to change the product name or report an incorrect image.

  4. How does Pointy work for products which have legal display restrictions, such as tobacco, prescription medicines, etc?

    Pointy should automatically block any restricted products from showing up on your Pointy page. If you notice any products which you think should not be displayed, please contact us.

  5. How long will items stay up on my Pointy page if they are not re-scanned?

    Our goal is to create a reliable search service for consumers, so products that have not been scanned for a very long period of time will be automatically removed from your Pointy page. The exact period depends on the expected sales frequency of the product, and is designed to only remove products that are no longer on sale. We do this to ensure that consumers using Pointy have an accurate picture of what products are currently available in your shop. You can easily return a product to your page - simply scan it again to indicate that it’s in stock.

  6. Can I link my Pointy page to my existing website?

    Yes, if you have a website you can include a link to it on your Pointy page. You can also link from your existing website to your Pointy page. Linking to your Pointy page will help it appear in search results!

  1. What do I do if the Pointy box gets damaged?

    Please contact us and we will arrange for the Pointy box to be repaired or swapped out with a new one.

  2. Can I tell by looking at the Pointy box if is operating correctly?

    The Pointy box emits a solid green light when it is operating correctly. Any other state, e.g. a flashing yellow or green light, or no light at all, indicates that there is an issue with the Pointy box. If you encounter any problems please email us or call us at (01) 513 3323.

  3. Can I move the Pointy box to my other shop?

    Yes, but please contact us first before you attempt to move the Pointy box so we can make sure that the products are listed on the correct shop page. Note that only one Pointy page can be live per Pointy box so if you move the Pointy box from shop A to shop B, shop A’s Pointy page will be deactivated.

  1. My shop exclusively sells online, can I still get a Pointy box?

    No. A Pointy box needs a physical location to plug into and point people towards.

  2. I have a warehouse with lots of products, can I use Pointy to display my products online?

    Pointy is designed to help consumers find items they can buy locally. So unless you have a physical shop that the public can visit and buy all of your products, Pointy won’t be suitable.