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MAX MUSCLE NORTH PHOENIX SUPPLEMENTS & VITAMINS ​ ​ ​​​MM Nutrition North Phoenix in Phoenix is locally owned and operated by Christina and Patrick Smith. The store opened November 15th 2008.Store owner Patrick Smith his wife General Manager Christina Smith are certified in advanced sports nutrition by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. As of June, 5th 2013 there were only five other individuals in the entire state of Arizona with this advanced certification. Certification required mastering advanced courses covering 28 related areas. They covered Basic Exercise Physiology, Exercise Principles and Assessment, Basic and Applied Nutrition, Supplements and other related areas. Some of the specific areas covered were Skeletal Muscle Plasticity, Molecular Biology of Exercise and Nutrition, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Response to Exercise, Nutritional Needs of Endurance Athletes, and Nutritional Needs of Strength/Power Athletes. We provide qualified advice that have been substantiated by scientific research to individuals looking to improve their health and fitness or sports performance levels including diet and nutritional supplements. MM nutrition products meet and surpass industry standards for safety, quality of ingredients, and effectiveness. MM nutrition also guarantees this in writing to each and every customer. We provide advice that is sound, safe, and effective, and supplements that match these criteria. Max Muscle supplements meet these criteria. Very few individuals involved in our industry advising and or interacting with the general public regarding sports nutrition, and or diets including personal trainers, coaches, many other nutritional store owners and their employees, nutrition supplement companies, and websites hold this credential. Max Muscle’s Chief Scientific officer Dr. Phil Harvey is also a fellow at ISSN. Dr. Phil is in charge of creating Max Muscle supplements and is responsible for creating supplements meeting stringent criteria. At Max Muscle Sports Nutrition North Phoenix we offer qualified products and qualified advice. Many of our customers that are using our products and following our advice are saving money and accelerating their health and fitness results. At Max Muscle North Phoenix nutritional planning advice begins with undergoing our state of art body scan. This produces a detailed anatomical report that allows us to identfy exercise, nutritional needs and overall health risks. We charge $45 and the scan takes 30 seconds. Following this proceedure allows us at Max Muscle North Phoenix to appropriately recomend the following :
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition - Phoenix


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