Fin-Tastik Tropical Fish
Opens at 11 am.
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Fin-Tastik Tropical Fish - Discus Breeder- Angelfish Breeder. Cihlids and more and Aquarium Supplies…Rather Fintastik Prices compatible with or less then the local competition. ***Discus, Angelfish, GloFish, Germn Blue Rams, Guppy, Pacu, Red Devil, Redtail Catfish, Jack Dempsey, Green Terror, Neons, Pleco,Peacock Bass, Arowana, Assassin Snails, Clown Loach, Roseline Shark, Flowerhorn, Managuense, Krbensis and much more.
Fin-Tastik Tropical Fish


210 G Street, Antioch, California, 94509, Rivertown, Downtown Antioch, Between 2nd and 3rd st
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