Ben's Barketplace - Roseville/Lincoln
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WE OFFER ONLINE PURCHASING WITH FREE DELIVERY IN THE CITY LIMITS OF ROSEVILLE, ROCKLIN AND LINCOLN! ($50 minimum - weekdays only) WE OFFER A FREQUENT BUYER PROGRAM ON NEARLY EVERY FOOD IN THE STORE! OUR FOODS ARE DELIVERED TO US FRESH WEEKLY. THEY ARE NOT SITTING IN A HOT WAREHOUSE FOR MONTHS ON END. COMPARE AND YOU'LL SEE THE REAL SAVINGS!!! WE ARE THE LARGEST RETAILER OF RAW FROZEN PET FOOD IN CALIFORNIA! CORP WEBSITE: FRANCHISE WEBSITE: FB CORP: https: // FB FRANCHISE: ABOUT BEN'S BARKETPLACE: Owning a dog or cat just got a whole lot easier! We are the "Health Food Store for Dogs and Cats!" We don't allow ANYTHING in our store that we don't believe in. Let us show you life extension through laser-focused nutrition. It's not rocket science. We know it, we live it and we share it! Let us share our expertise and help your pet. Ask yourself this, who do you think is more on the cutting edge of pet nutrition? The health food store for dogs and cats... or your vet? We are not just a pet food franchise. We are a nutritional consultation service that is surrounded by and provideS the highest quality pet food in America. It's not what we have; it's knowing what to do with what we have. We live it. We breathe it. We understand it. It's an art and pets are our canvas. Ben's Barketplace is the largest retailer of RAW pet food in California! FREE LOCAL DELIVERY: We deliver Monday-Friday throughout the city limits of Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln for FREE! Call in any time to schedule your delivery. Ben's Barketplace will deliver directly to your home or office. ($50 minimum order) OUR SELF SERVE DOG WASH IS TECHNOLOGY NEVER SEEN IN THE DOG WASH INDUSTRY: As a matter of fact, our self serve dog wash technology would be considered revolutionary in any industry. It’s still a dog wash, but it’s the most advanced self serve dog wash ever conceived. Come use our state of the art dog wash! It's only $10 every day! No need for an appointment, all baths are on a walk-in basis. It's fun, it's easy, and it's convenient. Shampoo is delivered right through the nozzle. Bring a towel for a quick pat down and then blow dry! Ben's Barketplace! Enhancing pets’ lives since 2005! Join the REVOLUTION!
Ben's Barketplace - Roseville/Lincoln


Ben's Barketplace - Roseville, 701 Pleasant Grove Blvd #120, Roseville, CA 95678, Ben's Barketplace - Lincoln, 800 Sterling Parkway #30, Lincoln, CA 95648
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