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VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE AT San Francisco Kite Company… ”Where Fun Takes Flight” We founded the San Francisco Kite Company (SF KITES) in order to celebrate the beauty, wonder and joy inherent in both our amazing location on the waterfront of the San Francisco Bay and the experiences that can be had while flying the myriad kites of today. Kiting has been enjoyed by millions for more than a millennium and is currently experiencing an exciting resurgence here in the United States and San Francisco has long been recognized as an epicenter for the sport. Many of the most popular contemporary designs have their origins in our fair city. Fueled by innovations in production, materials and design, today’s manufacturers are producing high quality kites with profoundly improved flight performance. These new designs are both affordable and robust and make it easier for young and old, beginners and experts to get the most of out their kiting experience. Whether for sports or recreation, kiting is an invitation for all of us to reconnect with nature, nostalgia and each other as we rekindle a past time that is a low cost, high fun alternative to many other forms of play and diversion. The owners and staff of SF KITES are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with quality products, as well as informed and personalized service. We look forward to your visit to either our retail or online stores and appreciate the opportunity to be of service! Your friends at SF KITES!
San Francisco Kite Company


San Francisco Pier 41, San Francisco
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