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Norlander Socks are made of high quality alpaca fiber. They will keep your feet warm and dry in colder weather and cool and moisture wicking in the warmer weather. Alpaca fiber is breathable, so your feet will remain comfortable in warm and cool weather. These gorgeous socks come in both heavy and lightweight varieties. Our heavyweight alpaca socks feature a terry weave interior so they are supremely smooth against skin without bulkiness. Our lightweight alpaca socks are made with Baby Alpaca Fleece which makes them softer. Alpaca is the perfect natural material for socks because it is a hollow fiber fleece. This means body warmth is trapped within the fibers and helps regulate temperature. Alpaca socks are both light weight yet more durable than other natural fibers. Alpaca also are lanolin free, making them hypoallergenic against sensitive skin, which makes them non-irritating. We have Two Type of socks with Three Lengths in Small, Medium, and Large Sizes. Heavyweight Socks come in: Short, Crew, and Boot. Lightweight Socks come in: Ankle, Short, and Crew They come in twelve different vibrant colors: Dark Green, Navy, Pink, Light Blue, Lavender, Tan, Ivory, Denim, Black, Cranberry, Dark Gray, and Dark Brown. 100% Money Back Guarantee
Norlander Alpaca Sock Company


1266 Jungermann Road, Suite F, Saint Peters, Mo 63376
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