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Earth's Natural Treasures too
56 S Broadway, Geneva, OH 44041
HEALTH FOODS STORE LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN GENEVA OHIO 56 S. BROADWAY. HEALTHFOODS MARKET, BOUTIQUE AND MORE… GRASS FED BEEF POULTRY, CHICKEN AND LAMB. GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN FOODS, NATURAL PRODUCTS, NOW VITAMINS, OVER 140 ESSENTIAL OILS, OVER 140 BULK HERBS AND SPICES, OVER 70 TEAS, UNIQUE CLOTHING, GEM STONES, HEALING STONES, INCENSE, TAPESTRIES JEWELRY, WINDCHIMES AND SO MUCH MORE... FEATURING THE NATURAL CAFE & DELI HEALTHY SALADS SANDWICHES WRAPS AND SMOOTHIES 440-466-4368. Our seasonal store is Earth’s Natural Treasures/Harmony Jade is located in the resort town of Geneva on the Lake in Ohio. Geneva on the Lake offers visitors a relaxing vacation getaway. Here visitors can enjoy all that the Great Lake Erie has to offer and more. Centrally located just 45 minutes from Cleveland and Youngstown Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania and just minutes from Geneva State Park. Geneva on the Lake is the lake’s oldest resort town. It initially began as a secret hideaway for presidents and celebrities who came to the town for rest and relaxation. Our shop offers a unique shopping experience for visitors. 440-466-1648 OR 440-466-4368 Sharon Bezoski and Michael Coles are the owners and operators of Earth’s Natural Treasures. Sharon has always been deeply intrigued by the power and energy of natural materials. Often times people hold misconceptions about the power of crystals. Throughout history, gems and minerals have been used for their healing and nurturing effects. These minerals are even mentioned in the Bible, with specific instructions for their use. Every individual crystal or gem offers the body a different healing element. Earth’s Natural Treasures purchases gems and minerals from around the world. We are committed to providing them to the general public for extremely affordable prices so that everyone can experience their healing benefits. Local Artists We support local artists in our store and online site. Lucky Bamboo The Chinese say that lucky bamboo will bring good fortune to your home or business. Simply ask our customers and they will tell you this is true! In Asia, lucky bamboo is given to those starting a new business, moving into a new home or for any form of celebration. Asian wisdom teaches that a certain number of stalks is optimal in enhancing certain positive aspects of life. These numbers are as follows: Three Stalks: Attract happiness. • Five Stalks: Attract wealth. • Seven Stalks: Results in good health and well-being. • Twenty-One Stalks: Offer a very powerful all-purpose blessing. Since bamboo requires NO natural light, it is especially nice in your home or office area where other plants do not thrive. It is simple to care for and will provide you with years of enjoyment. Water Storing Crystals Our water storing crystals are simple to use, easy to maintain and provide you with endless possibilities. Our crystals will help you create stunning flower arrangements, floating displays, centerpieces, hot and cold packs and much more. Available in a variety of colors, layer and combine for endless effects. Our crystals couldn’t be easier to use! Simply add water and allow the crystals to absorb for 3-4 hours. Once crystals have reached their maximum size, simply pour off the excess water. As the crystals water living plants, they will begin to decrease in size. They are reusable though! Slowly pour fresh water over the crystals to watch them magically grow once again. The possibilities are endless! Organic Herbal Products At Earth’s Natural Treasures, it is our goal to promote organic products that are produced using green methods and utilize sustainable farming practices. We have scoured the industry to provide you with quality products that promote and maintain these ideals. Healing Stones and Crystals Explore the natural powers of our stones and crystals. We offer a large variety to meet your individual needs or astrological sign. Varying types of stones, gemstones and crystals will each interact with your individual areas of the body, organs, mind and subconscious. You may use them to achieve physical or emotional results. Explore the unique ways nature can help you achieve personal goals and attain maximum results. Body Care We believe that what you put on your body can be just as important as what you put into your body. It is our mission to care for the health and well-being of our customers by offering them natural and organic products produced using environmentally friendly methods. Our products provide people with a healthy alternative to mass-produced, chemically synthesized products common in today’s marketplace. Clothing We shop the entire world for unique clothing made from natural fiber. Many of our pieces are one of a kind. In addition, we carry many free size styles to fit a wide range from child sizes to adult 3X. Each garment is hand selected for comfort, uniqueness and price. If you are looking for a particular style, garment or size, please feel free to e-mail us your unique needs. We will be happy to look for you as we shop. We carry comfortable and unique clothing from India and other areas around the world. Due to the variable factors in hand crafted clothing, natural variations my occur. This is part of the natural beauty of our products. View our testimonials to see what our customers have said about our clothing. Product Packaging In doing our part to help conserve resources, most of our products are sold in packaging made from recycled materials. After you are finished enjoying our products, please consider recycling all packaging and shipping materials. Natural Products At Earth’s Natural Treasures we believe that each individual is made up of varying, interrelated systems. When all of these systems are in harmony, individuals should experience optimum health and a feeling of over all well-being. Natural products work with your delicate body systems to uplift and heal not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well. What is a Natural Product A natural product is defined as a substance or material that is created from another living entity or organism found within nature’s realm. Earth’s Natural Treasures Earth’s Natural Treasures is committed to giving back to the local community. We support a variety of local events and fundraisers. All of our products are earth friendly, pure, gentle and natural. Our products are organic when possible and always cruelty free. Our team is committed to supporting local organic farms and to help keep our earth and water contaminant free. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable and can provide you with additional information on our natural products.
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56 S Broadway, Geneva, OH 44041
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