Pointy Box
A Pointy box brings customers to
your shop door by automatically
displaying your products online.
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Here's what a Pointy box can do for you:
1. Your products online effortlessly
Your Pointy box automatically creates a Pointy page of your shop’s products, by plugging into your barcode scanner - it does all the work.
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2. Come up on Google
Your Pointy box helps your shop appear high up on search engines like Google. Being easy to find online means more customers in your store.
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3. No extra work for you
There’s no need to manually enter product names and images. Pointy sources all that for you - whether it’s for a toy doll or menthol tissues.
4. More people in your shop
Pointy helps shoppers find products for sale in their local area. When someone is looking for something you sell, Pointy sends customers to your shop.
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Simple to Set Up
Pointy works with your existing barcode scanner. Just plug it in and you're ready to go.
No Maintenance
We maintain your Pointy page. There’s no on-going work to do!
Visible Everywhere
From laptops to iPads and smartphones, Pointy will help people find your products.
No Commitment
If you are not happy, you can leave at any time.
How it works
Plug in your Pointy box
It simply connects between your barcode scanner and your POS or cash register.
Scan your products as normal
Carry on as normal. There's no extra work.
Pointy finds names and images
Pointy automatically finds the correct names and images for your product using its barcode. No data entry needed, everything happens automatically.
Your products appear online
The scanned products appear on your Pointy page. Pointy then helps to get your shop higher up in search results.
" When we heard of Pointy our first reaction was it's too good to be true. From day one we were blown away by how good it is. Each and every product you sell in store magically appears on your Pointy site with zero input. Not only does this give our customer a clear idea of what is currently selling in our store but it also attracts new customers as we have moved up the ranking on Google when people search for products we sell in our area. If you are looking for a web presence that showcases your products, Pointy is the one for you. "
" Installation was very quick and painless which meant we had little to no interruption to our business. We carry a wide array of products and Pointy uploads them seamlessly by simply scanning the product barcode, so the range of products is continually updated on the Pointy page. Our products rank very highly in Google, even higher than multi-national retail chains which is great for an independent shop like Bear Market. "
" Pointy is such a neat idea and system. The installation of the tiny Pointy box is instant, no major work required as it fits neatly behind or under your till. To have your products put online only by using the till scanner is great. Your shop will come up near the top in Google ranking when someone does a product search. Furthermore you get a webpage that you don't have to update - the Pointy page is update automatically at each new scanning. I can highly recommend the Pointy system to any retail business. I'm delighted with Pointy. "
" We are a brand new bike shop and wanted to be as proactive and forward thinking as we can to get online without spending huge money on ads. Pointy came to us and we thought it was an ingenious idea. It was so incredibly quick and easy to install. We set about scanning all the products in the shop and they uploaded online automatically to our Pointy page which is linked from our web page. Any new products that we scanned in popped up online without having to think about it, which is great. Our Google rating has gone up because of it which is fantastic. People can look for stockists close to where they are and it helps us to pick up sales we otherwise wouldn’t have got. So it’s been win win from our point of view with Pointy. "
" I am very happy with Pointy. It was so simple and quick to install. Our products are uploaded online automatically. A big thanks to the team at Pointy for introducing this brilliant tool to our business. "
" Here at Bread & Butter Gourmet Market, we are delighted to have our products listed on the Pointy system. Installation was simple and unobtrusive, it just plugged into the back of our tills and we were live. Every time we scan a new item, it automatically uploads to our dedicated page. As a result, our store is listed on page one of a number of Google searches for certain products we stock. Essentially we are building our profile and product range, with absolutely no effort required on our end. The Pointy team have been great to deal with and we are very excited about the future. "
" Here at Donegal Town Hardware & D.I.Y Ltd, we have found our experience with a positive one. The Pointy device was very easy to setup. Our Pointy shop page was populated with our items very quickly. The important point for us was that what we stocked in store was searchable on Google. Pointy has put us on the first page of Google results, for our county, for our products. "
" The Pointy box was installed in minutes bringing the retail section of my salon online which is a huge benefit to my business. I would highly recommend Pointy to other independent retailers. "
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The Pointy service includes:

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  • All website hosting and updates
  • Instant listing in the Pointy App
  • Retailer reports & tech support

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