A Pointy box brings customers to your door by automatically displaying your products online.
Here's what a Pointy box can do for you:
1. Your products online effortlessly
Your Pointy box automatically creates a Pointy page of your store’s products, by plugging into your barcode scanner - it does all the work.
2. Appear in search results
Your Pointy box helps your store appear on search engines like Google. Being easy to find online means more customers in your store.
3. No extra work for you
There’s no need to manually enter product names and images. Pointy sources all that for you - whether it’s for a toy doll or menthol tissues.
4. More people in your store
Pointy helps shoppers find products for sale in their local area. When someone is looking for something you sell, Pointy sends customers to your store.
Simple to Set Up
Pointy works with your existing barcode scanner. Just plug it in and you're ready to go.
No Maintenance
We maintain your Pointy page. There’s no on-going work to do!
Visible Everywhere
From laptops to iPads and smartphones, Pointy will help people find your products.
No Commitment
If you are not happy, you can leave at any time.
How it works
Plug in your Pointy box
It simply connects between your barcode scanner and your POS or cash register.
Scan your products as normal
Carry on as normal. There's no extra work. Pointy automatically finds the correct names and images for your product using its barcode. No data entry needed, everything happens automatically.
Your products appear online
The scanned products appear on your Pointy page. Pointy then helps to get your store to appear in search results.